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One of the ways a member of our community can get rewards, as a Paid Employee, winner of a contest, or something else is to have their Twitch subscribed by us.

These are in 1-year terms, with them being reviewed at the end of the term to see if we will continue sponsoring them or not. Those that have been reviewed and granted continuation, get a boost in how much they are getting from us. Those that do not will see our amount decrease or stop entirely.

What we are looking for in people we sponsor

These are general guidelines we are looking for in order for someone to get sponsorship from us, new or continued. Not all of them need to be met in a given time period, but the more a group or individual does, the higher chance they have.

Be active in our community
Whether on our Discord Server, Forums, Trello Board, Youtube channel, or Patreon page.
Offer a resource or product that our members could make use of
You could be an artist, writer, streamer, etc.
e.g. You are a streamer and you offer advice to other streamers, people who want to be streamers, etc.
Be an employee
Filled out our application form, got an offer from us and helped us out on various things.
Streaming Regularly to your Twitch Page.
Room for it in the Budget


The first term starts at $5 USD/month, with second going up to $10/month. Non-employees will have it max out at $10/month, Employees/Partner-Streamers at $25/month.

Our Twitch Channel

Main article: Twitch Channel.

To have a look at our twitch page, please go here. If you would like to stream on it, let us know in Private or Direct Messages.

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