Writing Squad

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Writing Squad

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Base Info
Type Squad
Leader tacopill
Relationship to other groups
Supergroup(s) Financial Team
Sibling group(s) Art Squad, Programming Squad, Music Squad, Social Media Squad & Stream Squad


  • Assist in Projects and Resources of grifkuba on anything writing related. This could include, but is not limited to:
    • Characters
    • Story
  • Assist the Social Media Squad in writing press releases, marketing spiels, etc.
  • Write for our Blog, Main Website, General Wiki, etc.
  • Assist the Financial Team in writing to apply for grants and other similar fundraising-things.
  • Offer proofreading services to members of our community.


The leader of the squad is the Director (as in Director of Squad or Squad Director). They are chosen based on the options of the rest of the squad and then approved by the Core Staff.



Game Design and Development
Related Groups Divisions Seekers of the Aether • Barn Wars • Ihmiis • Bot
Squads Art  •  Writing  •  Music  •  Programming
Teams None at the Current Time
Projects & Resources Currently Being Worked on



On Hold Projects: