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Pardon our appearance!

Grifkuba is currently renovating our web presence to deliver more accurate information about what we do in a clean and presentable package. As this takes time, the following resources may help with what you are looking for:

Grifkuba General Wiki

This is our old general wiki, and while information is often out of date, it still has a lot of presently valid information.

Our NIWA Wikis

Grifkuba is a proud partner of a few independently operated wikis, that are part of NIWA, who have entrusted us with hosting their sites. The following is a list in no particular order of the NIWA (or NiwiN) wikis we help through hosting.

Fire Emblem Wiki:
Lylat Wiki:
Pikmin Fanon:
Wikibound (EN):
Wikibound (IT):


Grifkuba is the home of the Square Enix Independent Wiki Alliance, providing hosting for the homepage, Square Enix Wiki, and Final Fantasy Wiki

SEIWA Homepage:
Square Enix Wiki:
Final Fantasy Wiki:

Gaming Wiki Network

A lot of the wikis we host are also members of the Gaming Wiki Network. GWN covers a wide range of wikis, including non-gaming affiliates for TV shows and other media. GWN has no homepage at the moment, but each member wiki maintains a template listing all of its members, the following being just one example.

Other Websites

While we have largely discontinued the practice, Grifkuba used to offer small-scale hosting to anyone. The following are a few sites we still host:

Tails of Lanschilandia:
Lanschilandia Games:
Izagar's Blog:

This is by no means a definitive list for all that we do. Grifkuba provides services and encourages community projects for a wide range.