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Pardon our appearance!

Grifkuba is currently renovating our web presence to deliver more accurate information about what we do in a clean and presentable package. As this takes time, the following resources may help with what you are looking for:

Grifkuba General Wiki

The Grifkuba General Wiki has been discontinued to the public. This site is the intended replacement for all the information available, even though we are still under construction.

Our NIWA Wikis

Grifkuba is a proud partner of a few independently operated wikis, that are part of NIWA, who have entrusted us with hosting their sites. The following is a list in no particular order of the NIWA (or NiwiN) wikis we help through hosting.


Grifkuba is the home of the Square Enix Independent Wiki Alliance, providing hosting for the homepage, Square Enix Wiki, and Final Fantasy Wiki

Gaming Wiki Network

A lot of the wikis we host are also members of the Gaming Wiki Network. GWN covers a wide range of wikis, including non-gaming affiliates for TV shows and other media.

Other Wikis

Other Websites

While we have largely discontinued the practice, Grifkuba used to offer small-scale hosting to anyone. The following are a few sites we still host:

This is by no means a definitive list for all that we do. Grifkuba provides services and encourages community projects for a wide range.


External Sites, services, etc. that have a strong connection with us:

Other Social Media


We are mainly run by volunteers, for volunteers. Any money brought in by donations or ad revenue help run the server, purchase domains, etc.

If you would like to help us out, fill out this form.